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blood_spatterJacob Maresbeth Chronicles

Reaching Out:

Hello there! Nice weather we’re having. Is that the sound of fall approaching? In the past few months, you and I have chatted about something—maybe the weather, but probably Jacob Maresbeth (teen journalist, avid beach-goer, and not a vampire. Or, not exactly.)

The first book in the Jacob Maresbeth Chronicles—HIGH STAKES—came out this summer with Cooperative Trade. Here it is on Amazon, but you can find it on Goodreads, too. It’s kind of a “what I did on my summer vacation,” but with a flirtatious Hungarian, a hypodermic crossbow, and a cooler full of blood. (You know, one of those summers). And now that autumn, and Halloween, approachecover2-tests, we’re happy to announce Jake’s return in book two: VILLAGERS!

But back to why you’re getting this email: my publisher and I would like to keep you updated on Jake’s adventures… Actually Jake himself would like to do the updating. And since he’s an aspiring journalist, he could use the practice. You want to hear from Jake personally, right?

We’re inviting you to join Jake’s NEWSLETTER mailing list!

A sign-up sheet may be found here and the JMC Facebook, and I hope you will sign up! No pressure. Okay, some pressure. A little. Also please like my Facebook. (I may as well get all the groveling over in a single go.)

Join the fun and get a quarterly newsletter from Jacob Maresbeth! Oh yeah. And a give-away. Everybody likes those, and you’ve been kind enough to read all this. So, the first 20 subscribers will be entered into a give-away for a signed copy of BOTH novels! And hey, 1/20 odds are pretty good, yeah?

Looking forward to sharing more!JMCsig

VILLAGERS follows Jake back to his home town and into a whole lot of trouble with the school bully. But, as usual, that’s hardly Jake’s biggest problem! How do you explain a dozen missing bicycles? The mystery thickens, a little bit like Jake’s O-positive, and that’s just the beginning… Available now!


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