“Written in an amusing, witty style, [The Jacob Maresbeth Chronicles] are a great initiation into the world of the modern Gothic.”
gggggg— Tessa Harris, The Anatomist’s Apprentice (Thomas Silkstone Mysteries)

“At the end of this brief and brisk story, I was left wanting more. I can’t wait for more Jacob Maresbeth, and more novels by Brandy Schillace.”
gggggg— Sharon Bayliss, Destruction (The December People Series)

“Schillace gives us a refreshing take on the teen vampire novel. Blending humor, intriguing characters, and some unexpected twists, she has created an entertaining read and a quirky new hero who will appeal to those thirsting for intelligent young adult fiction.”
gggggg— David B. Coe/D.B. Jackson, (Winds of the Forelands,Thieftaker Chronicles)

“Brandy Schillace’s “Ghost Pine Lake,” with its hints of noir, gives us 1920s gangsters and something even more sinister than a Tommy Gun lurking in the dark depths of a seemingly tranquil fishing spot.”
gggggggBookLover, (Online Book Reviews)



BRANDY SCHILLACE writes Gothic middle-grade and adult series fiction, including The Jacob Maresbeth Chronicles (2014-2015) and The Witchwood at Nob’s End (in process).

Brandy has been writing fiction for more than fifteen years. Taking a cue from Edward Gorey and John Bellairs, she writes fantasy gothic and YA fiction, frequently with a medical/historical twist. Her first series, The Jacob Maresbeth Chronicles, published with Cooperative Press. She is also working on a second series, The Witchwood at Nob’s End. Holding a PhD in literary history, Brandy works for a medical history museum and for an anthropology journal. She writes non-fiction as well as fiction, and her short stories (of the penny-dreadful variety) have appeared in Hauntings: An Anthology and occasional newsprint.

Hear radio interviews here, and look for more of her publications in the link menu (above).








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